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DMX Guitar

Yesterday I built a simple Windows Forms C# application to try out the language. It would display a list of serial ports, ask you to connect and enable a “send red” button. This sent a precalculated byte array to the DMX USB Pro on the serial port, calculated from ENTTEC’s API documentation.

From there, I added “TrackBar” controls, read the values into the byte array and sent the result.

Then I added flash buttons and HTP calculation, then wrote a quick method to link keyboard keys to flash buttons.

Having flash buttons on the keyboard led to using the keyboard guitar-style (with a neck strap made out of spare cat5 cable). Then I remembered: we already have a guitar controller for the Wii – and so a quick Google search yielded GlovePIE to translate between Wii Guitar actions and key presses.

I mapped strum down to master intensity flash, strum up to master and strobe, and the colour buttons to matching colours (except orange to pink).

Works great 🙂

Now I just need to OO-ify the code and develop a more sensible control surface than a Wii guitar.

Image attached.